• What is the Slim4Life Program?

    The Slim4Life program is a comprehensive program for weight reduction. The program is professionally supervised for safe and rapid weight loss results. Our plans are nutritionally designed to help you develop proper eating habits for long-term success. We offer one-to-one counseling and supervision along with behavioral education for long term success.

  • What happens at the initial consultation?

    The initial consultation lasts about thirty minutes. It is designed to gather information from you so that we can design a program specifically for your individual needs.

  • How much does the initial consultation cost?

    There is no set fee for your program because all of our programs are individualized and based on your specific needs. At the time of your free consultation we will determine which program best fits your particular situation. Because the cost of the program varies with each individual, we recommend that you come in for a complimentary consultation so that we can evaluate your individual needs and give you an exact price for the program. Unfortunately, we are unable to do this over the phone. Our programs are very affordable and can fit into anyone’s budget from students to professional business people. We invite you to schedule an appointment today for your FREE no-obligation consultation, so that we may assist you in your weight loss goals and present the current options available to you.

  • Can children do the program?

    Absolutely. We have many children participating in the weight loss program. During the summer months we help transform children and teens before the new school year. It is very rewarding to see their lives change as a result of weight loss.

  • Will I be eligible to do the program if I have medical issues?

    Yes. If you are a medical client we can work with your doctor on any guidelines necessary for your weight loss. We see clients from all walks of life, from diabetics to heart patients. Some of the more common medical conditions we see on a daily basis include diabetes, high blood pressure, heart conditions, high cholesterol, arthritis/joint pain, thyroid disease, and cancer. So don’t feel alone, we can help you.

  • Am I under any obligation during my consultation appointment?

    Absolutely not. The complete consultation is free of charge.

  • What information will you ask me?

    We will ask you some questions about your medical history, eating habits and lifestyle so we can learn more about you to determine the best program to fit your needs.

  • How long will it take me to get to my goal weight?

    We like our clients to be in the 3 -5 pound weight loss range per week.

  • What kinds of food can you eat while on your weight loss programs?

    The great thing about Slim4Life is that you will be eating regular grocery store foods. We want you to learn to eat in all the food categories: proteins, fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates, fats and dairy. At Slim4Life our program also accommodates clients who may have special conditions related to food intolerances and we also have a great vegetarian plan. When you are finished losing your weight, your transition to maintenance will be easy and smooth and the education you receive will help you be Slim for Life!

  • Will I have to attend group meetings?

    At Slim4Life we understand that your weight loss is not like anyone else’s. We do not have embarrassing group meetings. Our focus is on you. All of your visits at Slim4Life are one to one visits and are designed around you.

  • Who will I be seeing for my visits?

    At Slim4Life, our centers are staffed with professional and well-trained counselors who go through extensive training and receive continuous education on our program on an ongoing basis. Our counselors have varied professional backgrounds. Several of our counselors have actually participated in our program, reached their goal weight and have made excellent weight loss counselors.

  • Do I need an appointment to see a weight loss counselor?

    All of Slim4Life Weight Loss Centers' clients are seen on a first come, first-served basis. No appointment is necessary, you come in at your own convenience when it is a good time for you.

  • Do I have to eat pre-packaged meals?

    The Slim4Life program uses regular grocery store food that you can prepare yourself at home or that you can order in most restaurants. We do not make you dependent on expensive, pre-packaged meals. The whole family can eat the same way that you do so you are not eating separately during meal times. Our focus is on teaching you healthy eating habits.

  • What if I previously had bariatric surgery?

    At Slim4Life we understand. Many of our clients have gone through bariatric surgery and need the assistance of a weight loss program to teach them how to keep the weight off. We understand how important eating healthy nutritious food can be after surgery and how important proper nutrition will be for the rest of your life. We will teach you how to keep your weight off.

  • Do I have to exercise to lose weight?

    No. You will lose weight without exercise. What typically happens is after the initial weight loss our clients are feeling so good they start an exercise program on their own!













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